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After lots of hard work, discipline and the ups and downs of homebuying, we were able to buy our first home.  We moved in November 2, 2013 and since then, we've been getting used to all of the new things that come along with being homeowners, like maintenance, so much space (though it seems to be getting smaller and smaller) and, just recently, the realization that we really can make this house "ours" in any way that we want!

Our little family of three (my husband, our then-15 month old daughter and me) moved from our cramped, tiny one bedroom San Francisco apartment to a one-story, three bedroom and two bath ranch style home outside of the City.  Shortly after moving in to our new (to us... it was built in 1955) home with our 15 month old daughter, we found out I was pregnant with our second baby!  We were so excited!  But preparing for another baby while we both worked full time jobs outside of the home meant that home improvements and decorating and making things our own got pushed to the backburner.

We did get to do a few things, though.  Because we moved in right before Thanksgiving, and we couldn't ever have both of our families over while in the apartment (literally not enough room), I wanted to have our families over for the holiday.  But we only had a small, 3 x 3 fold-up kitchen table.

Even before buying a house was a real option for us, I was reading (obsessing over?) lots of DIY blogs, including Ana White's website.  If you've never visited her website, you're missing out!  She posts detailed and easy to follow plans for building all kinds of furniture.  I had looked at the Farmhouse Table at least 100 times before we moved in.  I practically knew the plans by heart.  Most of the houses we looked at within our price range did not have a dining room or even a dining table area.  Luckily, though, our new home had a living and dining room combination, with a space obviously made for a dining table.  I told my husband that all I wanted for Christmas was the Farmhouse table from Ana White's website.  In time for Thanksgiving.

So, my husband, who hadn't ever done any sort of woodwork in his life, agreed.  We printed the plans and went shopping for the supplies.  It took him about a week of working on it off and on.  On Thanksgiving morning, we moved the (heavy!) table to our fining room.  And I loved it.  I still love it (even though we don't have chairs that really go with it yet... nearly a year later).

That was really the biggest home project we did.  I mean, a few other repairs and fixes here and there, but that was the only real decorate-y thing until just a few days before our second baby was born, when we painted the kids' room (yellow and pink).  Well, we also got a bed for our guest room, but that's where the guest room decorating stopped.

Now our son is here, and I'm home on maternity leave.  I have 5 weeks left, then my husband is home for 12 weeks.  The baby is sleeping for longer stretches at night, which means we are all sleeping for longer stretches at night.  And that leaves me with a bit more energy for other activities.  Getting both of the kids out the door is an activity all in itself, so I've found myself wanting to do things at home a lot more.

Even with the small things we've done so far (hanging frames, rearranging furniture), I wish I'd taken before and after photos.  So I thought, since we're hoping to slowly but consistently continue our decorating and changes as we make this house our home, and since we must do it on a fairly tight budget, why not document it?  It'll be fun to look back as we go along and see just how much progress we've made.  Unless, of course, we are super motivated for, like, two weeks, and then not again for another year or something like that.

And because I've often wished I better tracked and documented lots of projects and processes in my life, I'll also include other plans and updates as they come along.  With the new baby, I'm wishing I had better recorded the various stages and phases of my first baby so that I could kind of have a little road map for myself...  When did she start using a pacifier?  When did she start sleeping through the night?  Was she constantly hungry like her little brother seems to be???  I'll try to make a little note about those things as they happen with him.

So, that's the deal.  This'll be the place that I keep a little diary about our home, the things we do, the things we'd like to do, our family and our adventures!  Hopefully I can add something at least twice a week.  And hopefully we will continue to make updates to our home.  Tomorrow or the next day, I hope to add pictures of each room of our house as it is now, as well as a list of the things that we want to do (soon, later and eventually) to each room and the yard.

Until then, TTFN!


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