32nd Birthday - goals for my 33rd year

Earlier this week, I turned thirty two.

Thirty one was a good age.  I got to watch my daughter blossom into an awesome toddler, we had a second baby, we bought a house, I got new opportunities at work, I was reminded how much I love my husband and how lucky we are to both be dedicated to our marriage, we bought a new truck, I got to spend time at home with my two babies... so many wonderful things happened over the last year.

I want to do things a little differently this year, though.  I'd like to spend the year with a little more intention, a little more disciplined direction.  Here are my specific goals/things I want to do:
  1. Publish at least three posts each week, rain or shine
  2. Complete the C25K program
  3. Lose at least 30 pounds (in other words, start my thirty fourth year at least 30 pounds lighter than I start my thirty third year)
  4. Read at least 4 non-parenting advice books, start to finish
  5. Start and finish our master bedroom re-decoration
  6. Install hardwood in at least one room in our house
  7. Complete at least one project in every room of our house
  8. Wear make up to work every day (even if it's light make up: at least some mascara, eye liner and lip color)
  9. Go on an overnight with Patrick alone
  10. Do the master cleanse for 5 days straight
Now, these are different from new year's resolutions, but only slightly.  I will make some New Year's resolutions when New Year's comes around.  These 10 things are things I need to complete before my next birthday.

Good luck to me!


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