Change of strategy, Change of plan

I've been posting in a certain order: trying to post the before pictures, talk about them, then post various hopeful afters.  I can't get around to all of the before pictures as quickly as I'd like, so I think I'll do more planning posts as I come across the ideas that I like, even if I haven't been able to post the before picture for the particular room.

Also on that note, I think I'll just post the rooms as they are.  I've been wanting to do major cleaning before posting pictures for the world to see, but if I wait for the rooms to look more "presentable," I'll never get additional "before" pictures up here.

Also, I'm going to start sharing the recipes we're trying in our home.  We've tried quite a few great ones lately, and I think lots of people would like them, so where better to share them?

It's pretty obvious that I'm new to this, so I imagine there will be at least a few more changes of strategy and plan as I muddle along.  Come along with me!

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