Decor, Decor, Decor!

I'm not sure what it is lately, but I've just been finding so many things that I could use in our house!  Maybe it's because I know I can't buy anything right this moment.  But thank goodness for this blog, because it means I have somewhere to go to remind myself what I loved when it is time to buy!  Today, I found some wall decor items for both the Master Bedroom and for the guest room.

Let's start with the master bedroom.  This could definitely be part of our gallery wall.  It's the perfect color scheme.

Jenna Wall Decor, Joss & Main, $43.95*

Then there's this piece, which I originally thought might look good over the bed in the guest room, but now I'm wondering whether I might like it in the dining room!  I had a vision of three of these on the long dining room wall.  I probably won't do it, but I sure would love to.

Stephania Wall Decor, Joss & Main, $67.95*

I've never been a fan of fake flowers.  I've always thought they were kind of strange.  Why not just have the real thing?  Well, I think I might have been sadly mistaken, my friends.  There are lots of reasons to have the fake (or, "faux") ones instead.  Among those reasons?  They look pretty for a long time and don't require you to remember to water them.  I mean, I already have two humans that I have to worry about keeping alive... why worry about a flower arrangement as well?  But maybe I only feel this way because I saw this beautiful faux hydrangea?  And I want it on my dining room table?  (And by chance, they're also having an entire event of "faux" flowers here*, but it ends in a few hours.)  This makes me want to check the fake flower section of Michael's again.

Faux Hydrangea in Square Vase, Joss & Main, $39.95*

As a side note, I have to say that when I type "faux," I feel like I'm saying Target as "Tarjay."  Just saying.

Those items are all from the Joss & Main The Look of Luxury* sale.


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