Dining Room: Now

I've mentioned before that our house has a dining/living combination.  Since I posted the chalk painted hutch, I decided that I should just go ahead and post the "now" picture of the dining room portion.

Looking at the dining room from the living room

For such a small room, there's quite a bit to say!

The french doors go out to the backyard.  They open outward, which is a little strange, but I'm grateful because it means we have a little more room to work with in the dining area.

The walls are freshly painted.  All three walls are the same color: "Such Melodrama" by Marquee/Behr paints:

"Such Melodrama" MQ5-32
I really like the paint.  I never would have guessed that I would have anything similar to purple on any of my walls, but I'm really happy with it.

The hutch is from my mom.  She bought it from my dad's cousin's wife, so while I got it from family, it's not a family piece.  It was stained a darker color that just didn't go with our house.  So I recently re-did it, which you can see here.

Patrick made the dining room table when we moved here.  He followed the plans for Ana White's Farmhouse table.  I love it.

The chairs are a mismatched group.  The black ones are from IKEA.  I bought them around 5 - 6 years ago.  The white ones came from a secondhand shop somewhere in the City.

The carpet is the same carpet that is throughout the house.

And that, my friends, is our dining room!

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