First Chalk Paint Project: dining room hutch

Have you heard of chalk paint?  If you read any DIY blog with any sort of consistency, you most likely have.  It's chalk paint, not chalkboard paint.  It has a matte, chalkboard like finish.  There are lots of things that lots of people like about it, but my favorite thing is that you don't have to sand or prime furniture that's already painted.  You read that right.  No sanding, no priming.  Sign me up, right?

Based on what I read, Annie Sloan brand is the top choice.  And that paint has some hardcore fans that won't use any other type.  It also has a hardcore price.  Like, $34.95 per quart.  Quart!  That's 32 ounces.  More than $1 per ounce!  What!?

Annie Sloan paint in Antoinette
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors

People seem to swear by the stuff, which made me think maybe I should try it.  Plus, the colors looked pretty.

I soon discovered that this paint isn't just available at your local Home Depot, Lowe's or Ace.  It's only available at certain stores.  Stores that are too far away from me to make a trip just for the paint.  So I decided the chalk paint projects running through my head would have to wait.

That is, until we were at Home Depot buying paint for our living room (which I love and will show in a separate post).  They had a very limited selection of a different brand of chalk paint, by Americana.  Lucky for me, because our living room paint project took multiple trips to our Home Depot paint department, I had lots of chances to check out the little bottles, then do some research online.

I decided I would try out the Americana chalk paint.  But what project to do?  I wanted to start small in case it ended up being a mistake.

That went out the window, too.  After we painted our living/dining room, the hutch we had in the dining room really didn't fit in.  I mean, it didn't fit in before, but after the new paint, it was a total sore thumb and became my chalk paint guinea pig project.

Americana paint colors

Americana chalk paint in "Primitive"

Americana chalk paint in "Vintage"

I decided to paint the hutch in "Primitive" and the back wall in "Vintage."

Because I hadn't yet decided to blog our home updates when I did this project, I only have before and after pictures, no "along the way" pictures.  But I love the outcome and am happy to share.

Before: The hutch
After: The hutch
Before: The hutch hardware

After: The hutch hardware
"Crystal" knob

Our Home Depot only had small, 8 oz. jars.  The main color required three coats, which used around 2 1/2 of the 8 oz jars of "Primitive."  The back wall took two coats and used only 1/2 of an 8 oz jar of "Vintage."

About the paint, I saw today that Joann.com has Americana chalk paint as well.  Though they price it a tad higher than Home Depot, Joann does run coupons a LOT, so you can probably get it relatively inexpensively if you're able to wait for one of their great coupons.  They sell the paint online and in their stores.

I wanted to replace all of the knobs and pulls with some glass ones, but with the number we needed, it would have been over $80.  I can spend that $80 on something else, something better.  I did the next best thing: spray painted them with a spray paint gray primer.  I like the way they turned out!  You'll notice that the pull on the glass cabinet door is a "crystal" knob.  My loving husband came home with it yesterday as a surprise.  Lucky gal.

I'm happy with the outcome here, but definitely have some things to remember for the next chalk paint project:
  1. I'll watch some of the many online videos about painting with chalk paint.  I had trouble with paintbrush lines.  The available videos address this and talk about how to avoid them.
  2. Will paint with a brush, then almost immediately go over it with a roller.  (That's how I was able to get rid of most paint brush lines.)
  3. I'll try Annie Sloan paint.  Price-wise, the difference isn't much at all.  16 oz of Americana is $15.98, 99.9 cents/ounce.  Annie Sloan is $1.09/ounce.  This project used 24 ounces.  Americana cost $23.98 for those 24 ounces.  Annie Sloan would have come to $26.16.
  4. I might try a DIY chalk paint.  Recipes are available online.  For something like that, I will definitely start small small small.  
  5. I will wax it when done.
I'm definitely late to the chalk paint party, but hey, at least I showed up.  And the party rocked.

Have you done any chalk paint projects?  What did you think?  Any tips for better outcomes?


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