Hanging Dishes Without Ugly Wires!

After we painted the dining room and re-did the hutch, two things became obvious:
  1. We needed to do more, design-wise, in the dining room.  I know that I want to put some large wall art on the full blank wall, but I wasn't sure what to do with the hutch wall.  Extra shelves on either side?  Would that look weird?  What would I put on them?  What about above the hutch?
  2. We needed to scale back the amount of things on display in the hutch.  It was just too crowded before.  But this also meant that I didn't get to display all of the pretty, and sentimentally valuable, dishes I have.

Turns out, both of these problems have the same solution: hang the dishes on the wall.

I don't personally like the dish hanging wires like these:

Plate Hanging Wire, Amazon

I mean, I would use them in a different setting, maybe.  But I didn't really want the hooks around the edges of my dishes.

After some research, I found the perfect alternative: Disc Plate Hangers.

I did quite a bit of price research and the best deal I found was at dischangers.com.  I ordered a few of the first three sizes.  (The shipping was free!)  They arrived quickly, and I can happily report: they are so so easy to use (I mean, my toddler even helped me), and the results are awesome too.  Here's how we did it.

I knew that the first dishes I wanted to try this with were some colored dessert dishes I got from my great grandmother.  When I got them, there were 6 dishes, but one broke during our move to this house, so I only have five now.  (The one that broke was purple.)

You'll need:

  • Disc Hangers in the appropriate size
  • Dishes to hang
  • Something to clean the dishes (I used a little vinegar and cotton balls)
  • A little bit of water
  • Nails
  • A hammer
  • Measuring tape and pencil (optional)

Step 1
Clean your dish and dry completely.

Step 2
Use your finger to rub some water on the back side of the disc hanger.  This activates the glue.  (That's my toddler helping me out.)

Step 3
Let sit for 5 - 10 minutes until it becomes tacky.

Step 4
Apply the disc to the back of your dish.  Be sure to consider the orientation of the dish when hung.  I wanted these dishes to have one of the flutes at the top, so I attached the disc accordingly.  Push the disc firmly against the dish, pushing out any air bubbles.  Let sit overnight for the glue to set.

Step 5
Figure out where you want the dishes to hang.  I measured so that the dishes would be spaced evenly.  Mark the wall for the nails.

Step 6
Hang (hammer?) the nails.  (This step took a little longer than it should have because Patrick kept stopping to watch Tuesday night's World Series game and cheer for the Giants.  If I had him do this on Wednesday night instead, it may have gone faster.)  A little note here: I am fully capable of putting nails in a wall.  I am also kind of a control freak.  So in order for us to work together on projects, he does the hammering after I've measured and marked.  

Step 7
Hang your dishes!

This was a super easy project.  Anyone can do it.  As you can tell, I'm starting with the super easy projects, hoping to build our confidence so we can move on and up to slightly more difficult ones.

I know it still looks bare.  We've only done one little set of dishes and plan to hang more colored bowls above the hutch and some plates along the sides.  I'll post as soon as those are done.

I love the way it looks.  I can't wait for the other plates and dishes to go up.  It's a nice change from canvas art or framed pictures.

What do you think?  Do you like it?  Does it look too "old lady"?  Let me know in the comments!


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