Living Room: Now

Here's our living room as it is now:

Looking from front entryway area through living room to dining room

Panoramic picture of living room (and Avelynn)

From the other side of the room

Standing at the pocket door to the kitchen

This looks better than it did when we moved it, believe it or not.  We replaced the standard beige and darker beige with the paint colors you see here.  The living room has two different green colors:

Marquee by Behr "Breezeway" MQ3-21

Marquee by Behr "Green Trellis" MQ6-17

It did take a couple sample pots of other colors to come to these ones, but I love these colors.  Really I do.  They make the room look so much happier and less sterile.  The color in the dining room is also a Marquee color, "Such melodrama."  I include a sample of that color in the dining room post.

Now for a run through of what came from where.

Lots of it came from IKEA:

The television stand, the coffee table and the two bookcases are all from the IKEA Hemnes line and all in gray-brown.  Originally, we had only one bookcase, and it was against the wall next to where the bookcases are now, the little half wall.  Looks way better against the window wall, let me tell you.  And looks more intentional now that we have two.  (We're thinking of adding two more on the other side of the window... thoughts?)  The striped pillows are also IKEA, though they don't sell those covers anymore.  The two lamps are also IKEA.

The frames above the fireplace are IKEA, too.

JALLVIK series, $24.99

The couch, I'm kind of embarassed to say, came from the street.  14th Avenue and Geary in San Francisco, to be exact.  My best friend and I found it there five or six years ago.  Here's how we got it to my apartment, which at the time was on 18th Avenue:

SGK (now SKR) driving the couch down the street

We stuffed the cushions in her car, balanced (no ropes... didn't have any) the couch on the top, and slowly drove the four SF blocks to the apartment.  I walked next to the car with my hand on the couch.  At any rate, it's held up great, and we love it.  Don't judge.

The green chair is a much nicer piece of furniture that came from my father-in-law.  He got it at Macy's.  It's really nice.  He had it in his house, then he moved and didn't want it in the next house, so he gave it to us.  He even got it professionally cleaned before giving it to us.  That's much more than I can say for the street couch.

The little red kid couch was a hand-me-down from a coworker.  Avelynn loves it.  

The white rocking chair was a 1st birthday gift to Avelynn from my best friend and her husband.  She loves that too.

And that's our living room!  We have quite a bit of work to do on it, but as with the rest of the house, slow and steady wins the race!  (We hope.)


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