Master Bathroom: Hopes & Plans: Paint

We have a lot of hopes and plans for the master bathroom.  Here are the pictures of the master bath as it is now:

As is my usual MO, I'll start with the idea for new paint.

For all of these upgrade ideas, but especially for the paint, we have to remember our starting place: no windows, small room, minimal natural light.  And I have to remember the color we paint the bedroom will have an affect as well.  The colors will have to look okay together.

My top choice right now is:

Marquee by Behr "Creme De La Creme" MQ3-33

The back up choices are:
Marquee by Behr "Stolen Kiss" MQ3-34
Marquee by Behr "Quiet on the Set" MQ3-4

It's hard to really choose a color for this little, awkward room.  I worry about the lack of natural light.  Maybe we should go with a white that's not a pure white... like:

Marquee by Behr "Cameo White" MQ3-32

Against the white backdrop, that looks nothing like a "white."  I like it.

The Stolen Kiss color is in the running because we heard at some point that light pinks are supposed to help make small bathrooms without lots of natural light look larger and better lit.  But as I keep looking at it, it reminds me more and more of long cigarettes and fringe-covered dressing tables and chairs.  It looks like it smells like cigarettes.  It's pretty (actually, is it?!), but I'm not sold on using it for the bathroom yet.  I'm leaning more toward the grayer colors.

The paint color we end up using will help us decide many of the other details in this bathroom.  Like with most rooms in our house, we have some general ideas of what we want, so I'll share those in future posts.

What do you think?


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