Master Bathroom: Storage & Shelving

Something I really, really want to do, which I think I can convince Patrick to do in the next few weeks, is to replace the metal and glass shelving unit above the toilet with an entire wall of shelves.  Something like you can see at Sawdust and Embryos, except we'd do ours with a dark stain.

Floating shelves at Sawdust and Embryos

I like these ones from Bower Power a lot, but I think they're just too thick for our bathroom and what we want these shelves to accomplish.  We will need at least four shelves, so we'll have to go with the thickness of the ones from Sawdust and Embryos.  But as far as stain/color, these are more what we'll probably go with:

From Bower Power

Then there's the strange space between the vanity and the shower.  I was thinking some more floating shelves, similar to these from Niche Fix (except stained darker and arranged vertically instead):

Floating Shelves from Niche Fix

Or there's also the cubbyhole option, from Martha Stewart.  And p.s., this idea is from 1994, so it's obviously on the "timeless" side:

Bathroom Cubbyholes, marthastewart.com

I also want to put in a shelf over the door, at least in the master bath and possibly in the other bathroom as well.

Toiletry Shelf over bathroom door, picture from and instructions available at marthastewart.com

I do think that the shelving project will be started and done the soonest of all of these, though I can probably get Patrick to do the shelves and painting around the same time.

And now I'm starting to think I might just want to paint the bathroom walls a white.  Like a real real white...


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