Master Bedroom: Hopes & Plans: Paint and Pictures

I posted pictures of our bedroom as it is now in the Our Master Bedroom: Now post.  Here they are again:

And here are some of the dream bedrooms I've seen around:

From designkastle.com

By Candice Olsen

Designed by Candice Olsen and found here.

From zunetop.com

Sadly, I don't have an unlimited budget and can't remodel our home right now.  I have to take it a task at a time and use those dream bedrooms (and others) as inspiration.  

And task one will be the color scheme.  I was originally thinking lavenders and greens, but then I got this card from my husband for our anniversary.  I love the colors.  I think they're great colors for a bedroom, and they'll definitely force me from my comfort zone:

The anniversary card my husband gave me... and our new bedroom color scheme!  (Card from Papyrus)

I detest the blue color on the walls right now.  I've narrowed the "new" paint color down to a handful.  I'm a fan of Marquee paint by Behr/Home Depot -- pretty colors, the paint covers well and it also dries nicely, so the standard colors in that paint line are kind of my go-to starting point.

Here's the top choice this moment (but that could change, of course):

Marquee by Behr "Looking Glass" MQ3-45

And the current runners-up are:

Marquee by Behr "Recycled Glass" MQ6-18
Marquee by Behr "River Veil" MQ3-50
In addition to painting them, I want to put up more pictures on the walls.  Maybe a gallery on the blank wall between the door to the room and the bathroom.  I'd like to put up some of our wedding pictures and pictures of our kids and our little family.  And move the wedding certificate to that wall too.  Maybe in some white frames?

I like the idea of a chalkboard included in the gallery wall, like this one, from Bethany at My Little Estate.  

Gallery wall with chalkboards from My Little Estate

Or a more grid-like gallery, like this one.  I'd like to see what a grid with same sized frames but various sized mats to accommodate various picture sizes would look like?  Would that look weird?

Found on Rocky Bella

I found this picture, which I didn't buy, but I think it would be great for our bedroom when we re-do it.  It's almost the exact colors I want.

Westlake Frames Print, Oliver Gal, 16 x 24 for $170.95

There's a lot more to plan for this room, but at least I have a starting point now.  I have other ideas stored up, which I'll share in later posts.

What do you think about these colors?  Is the gold too much?  Which of the paint colors is your favorite?


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