Master Bedroom: Hopes & Plans: Window Coverings

Lots of design experts say that paint should be the last thing you decide when designing a room.  Maybe my brain works differently from normal people because I find it easier to start with the colors and the rest just kind of falls into place.  Then again, I guess we really started with the furniture because I know we're keeping the bed and dresser and those are the biggest pieces in the room.  So maybe I'm following the professional advice after all!

The hardest thing for me with the bedroom design plan is turning out to be the window coverings.  In fact, window coverings are proving to be the most difficult throughout our home.  I can't find any that I love, and I think I want our curtains to have more character than just a plain color.  I think I'm going to have to DIY those.  That's a scary thought.  I am not very good at sewing and I don't even have a sewing machine.  

And that means that my search for window coverings for the master bedroom has instead become  fabric search.  All of these fabrics are from Jo-Ann fabrics.  They aren't in any order except the first one is my top choice/favorite:

Richloom Studio Chiasko Pool (reg. $49.99, sale $29.99)

Waverly - Bohemian Swirl Pumice (reg. $34.99, sale $20.99)
Waverly - Enlightened Pumice (reg. $49.99, sale $29.99)

Dena Mirage - Medallion Citrus (reg. $49.99, sale $29.99)
HGTV Home - Souvenir Scroll Lagoon (reg. $34.99, sale $20.99)

Waverly - Bedazzle Silver Lining (reg. $44.99, sale $26.99)
Eaton Square - Monsoon Midnight (reg. $74.99, sale $44.99)

PKL - Folk Damask Blisk (reg. $39.99, sale $23.99)
HGTV Home - Souvenir Scroll Fog (reg. $34.99, sale $20.99)

This also means I can use the fabric to make some pillows!

I haven't fully committed to any of these and will probably check some other sites and maybe some fabric stores in person (gasp!) before making a decision.

Any feedback?  Out of these ones, which is your favorite?


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