My first Joss & Main purchase!

I look at Joss & Main nearly every day and dream about buying something for our house.  I like a lot of what I see.  I put things in my cart.  I start the checkout process.  But somewhere around entering my credit card information, I start to think of all of the things we need to spend money on (like, what is causing that humming sound in our Corolla?) and feel bad about spending on something I just want.  But not this morning.  This morning, I bought something!

They're having a great pillow event where you can get 2 pillows for under $50.  You have to buy them in pairs of 2.  I'm pretty sure it ends Tuesday.  I added these pillows to my cart yesterday morning:

Danielle pillow in Gold (2 for $49.90!)

And wanted to add these ones too, but talked myself out of it:

Daniella pillow (2 for $47.95)

Danielle pillow in Eggplant (2 for $49.90)

Then, like always, I decided maybe I wasn't sure.  And maybe I should spend that $50 (plus shipping of $9.95) on something else, something that we need not just want.  I decided I'd think about it overnight and come back this morning.  When I came back, I saw another event, the Wake Up Invigorated event.  I'm looking for a new duvet cover for our bedroom, so I thought I'd take a look.

I didn't find a duvet cover, but I did find something for our living room!  And I love it!  I didn't get the pillows (darn), but I did get:

Hayden Slipper Chair, $199

I'm really excited.  Of course, as with nearly anything I purchase for over $15, I had almost immediate buyer's remorse and felt bad about spending that money.  But when it comes, I think it's going to look so great that those feelings will melt away!  Oh!  I did a simple Google search and found a coupon code for 10% off, which essentially covered the shipping costs and gave me an additional $10 off.  I got the chair, listed at $199 plus shipping, for $189.86, shipped!

I haven't posted pictures of our living/dining room yet, but will soon.  Then it will be clear why I love this so much!  Though I am kind of wondering where I will put it.

Now that I've paid for shipping, I don't have to pay for shipping for the next 30 days.  Maybe I'll be buying something else...


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