No-Spend Week

Uh... because we're addicted?

We are on a no-spend week.  We haven't officially done anything like this before.

We don't have a lot of debt weighing us down at all, but we decided to do it for a few reasons:
  1. We want to be completely 100% debt free.
  2. We need to use up what we have in our pantry so it doesn't all expire.
  3. We (I) need to be sure that we are thoughtfully considering our purchases before just buying things.
  4. We (P) want to see how the small little daily purchases add up.
So no-spend periods may become a regular thing around here.  Sad face.

For us, a no-spend period means we won't spend money on anything other than the essentials: gas, necessary groceries and essentials (doctor co-pays, parking costs at work, bridge toll).  No eating out at a restaurant or getting take out because we're tired.  No "oh that's so cute and it's on sale" purchases.  No "I'll just grab a coffee.  It's only $2.00."

Thing is, it's turning out that no-spend periods are a lot like diets.  Ask me what I want for dinner, and I can't think of anything exciting.  But the second I decide I'm going to go on a diet, my brain becomes a mealtime genius and thinks of all kinds of meals I'd love to have but "can't."

However, this is a bit easier than a diet.  And the forced "reflection" time is rather helpful.  I tend to have impulsive ideas of things I want to do, and this self imposed restriction is helping me to think all the way through a plan before jumping into it.

So, for this no-spend week, I'll just have to post the "things I find that I really want but can't buy right now because we made a commitment."

The projects that are flooding into my mind now that I can't buy anything:

Frame the free 16 x 20 print from Shutterfly
  • Buy a 20 x 24 frame (Michael's?  Wayfair?)
  • Buy a mat
  • Print additional Avelynn and Everett photos in black and white to hang as mini gallery above new chair

Re-print pictures from gallery frames above fireplace
  • Scan the pictures that aren't yet digitalized
  • Make a new album on Shutterfly for these photos
  • Change all to black and white
  • Print in appropriate sizes
  • Change the colored backdrop for both frames (gray?)

Hang pink bowls above colored bowls, hang pictures on side of hutch
  • Buy additional plate hanger discs
  • Swap out the small one for a larger one on the yellowish bowl
  • Decide placement of side plates
  • Mark holes for pink bowl nails (remember future crown molding)
  • Mark holes for side plates

GG Bridge picture(s) for dining room wall (Black and white)
  • Ask Brother-in-law for a panoramic shot of GG Bridge
  • Print three wood prints OR three poster size OR one large poster size to frame and hang

Print wood panel gifts for Grandparents at Walgreen's

Christmas DIY gifts

  • What projects are we doing
  • Who will get what
  • Supplies we need
  • Source the supplies for lowest price

Choose and prep our Christmas cards
  • Recipient List
  • Get family pictures
  • Print family pictures
  • Choose card and get ready to purchase

Chevron panel wall in Dining Room

Change the small closet in laundry room to a desk

  • Measure space
  • Source supplies
  • Create a plan
  • Fabric and rod to cover storage shelves
  • Where to move the wood table?
  • Where to put the printer? (Under our bed??)

Well, that's about it for now.  Not a thrilling post, but a good brain dump so it's a success all the same.

Have you ever declared a no-spend week?  Or month?  Any tips?  Let me know in the comments!


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