Master Bedroom: Now

I'll start with our bedroom as it is right now:

The view from the door to the hallway.

The view from the corner next to the bathroom.

I'm starting with the master bedroom because it was the easiest to clean up.  Seriously.  So the pictures would look halfway decent.  The Master Bedroom currently also serves as a diaper changing room, a feeding room, a laundry folding room, a folded laundry storage room... it's multipurpose.  One of our ultimate goals is to decorate/design/organize our house so that rooms get to be themselves and don't have to wear so many hats.  But, for now, they do.  

The walls were painted this blue when we moved in.  It reminds me of a little boy's room.  The closet is larger than standard, but configured strangely...  I know that our bed is big for this room, but I love our bed.  It's a TempurPedic that we bought when I was 7 months pregnant with our first baby.  Until then, we were sleeping on a full size bed.  Full size.  I don't want to switch it out.  Maybe I'll change my mind later, or maybe we'll do a total remodel one day and have a larger bedroom.  The bed frame is an IKEA king sized Hemnes in grey-brown.  We have a lot of this line in this color.  The dresser is the Hemnes 8 drawer dresser.  The mirror is also Hemnes.  (I just took a look at IKEA.com and it seems they no longer make the bed frame.)

We have one frame hanging in our room: our wedding certificate.  Not the county-issued one.  A decorative one.  I think we hung it on a nail that was left over from the previous owner.  So its placement isn't planned and purposeful.  Here's what it looks like, blank:

Antique Wedding Certificate, available at themonastery.org.

Those flowered pillow cases are from Target.  Here's a better picture:

From Target.

I bought them in the hopes that they would help tie the ugly wall paint to the boring duvet cover.  I don't love the duvet cover, but my husband has a color-aversion.  He would be thrilled if everything we owned was beige.  Yuck. 

The only lights we have are the ceiling light, which I'm not a fan of, and some clip on lights from IKEA.  You can see the pink one in the top picture, if you look really hard.  My husband has a white one, but he hasn't put his up yet.  Gee... wonder why.

And that's the way it is to start!  Hopefully a year from now, it will look quite different.  


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