Reupholstering our couch: What?! Huh?!

Here's our couch:

As I've mentioned before, my best friend and I found our current couch on the street.  Literally.  Well, I guess we literally found it on the sidewalk.  But you get the picture.

If we could afford a new couch today, we'd probably go for one of these:

PB Comfort Roll Arm Slipcovered 3-piece L-shaped corner sectional, Silver Taupe, $4,049

West Elm Henry 3-piece L-shaped Sectional, Linen Weave Platinum, $2,897

Z Gallerie Phoenix Sectional, $2,496

Room & Board Easton sectional in Dawson, $3,697

I'd love a sectional.  I'd love for it to be gray or blue or teal.  I'd prefer not to get the basic brown or beige.  My favorite is the Room & Board sectional.  But we can't afford any new couch, and with two little kids we aren't really in a situation to get a new couch even if we could afford it, so these things don't matter except for future reference.

At any rate, our current couch is not in the best of shape.  We can't buy a new one, so that leaves essentially two options: live with it as it is now (yucky) or reupholster it (scary).

I've been reading up on reupholstering and while it's still scary, it's not as terrifying as I originally thought.  Here are just some of the posts from other blogs that I've been using to encourage myself and convince myself that it's possible:

Do It Yourself Divas

All of these, and other posts, say that DIY upholstery takes time and effort, but is doable.

They also are pretty clear that DIY upholstery is only relatively inexpensive, not actually inexpensive.  In other words, it saves money over professional upholstery or buying a new couch, but it can easily run into the few hundred dollar price range or more.

Add to the mix that, as you know (or can read about here), we are on a 14 day no-spend (self) challenge.  So we won't be doing this project in the next couple weeks.

In fact, I don't even have a particular time line in mind.  I do know that it's something we want to do.  I also have an idea of the upholstery fabric we want to use.  It's either this one:

Signature Series Erase-Heather Moon, reg $39.99, sale $19.99 at Joann.com

Or this one (which is my favorite):

Home Decor Upholstery Fabric-Waverly Akira in Sky, reg $49.00, sale $24.99 at Joann.com

I'm referring to this chart to determine how much fabric we need:

Upholstery Yardage Chart, courtesy of Apartment Therapy

According to this chart, we need 11 yards.  So I would probably buy 12 yards.

If I buy it at 50% off (current price), plus the additional 20% off with a coupon, it would come to around $275 (including shipping and tax).  

Plus the other supplies (tack strips, nails?, staples, staple gun).  So this is definitely a project that will come down the line.  However, if I can commit to a fabric, then I can keep an eye on it and purchase the fabric when it gets to a lower price, or when I get a better coupon.

What do you think?  Any suggestions for DIY reupholstery?  Thoughts about the fabric choice with the rest of the room?  Do you think it's even worth it, or should I just stick it out with the couch we have and wait (potentially many years) to get a new couch?

Or, do you know of a fabric very similar to the blue one up there, but that's significantly less expensive?  :)

Let me know in the comments!


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