Skyline Furniture Storage Bench!

I bought it!  I bought this one from Amazon...

Skyline Storage Bench in Caribbean, at Amazon*

It arrived two days after I ordered it (thank you, Amazon Prime!).  I love it.  It fits just perfectly next to our fireplace for now, though I am not sure that will be its permanent home.  Plus, my mom got me these great pillows for my birthday.  I love them so much that I ordered two more from Target.  They go just great.  So here's what it looks like in our house:

I had momentary buyer's remorse and thought I maybe should have gotten a purple or amethyst or aubergine storage bench, but I'm happy with this one.  And Avelynn loves it too.  She keeps climbing up on it and saying, "Night night, mommy.  Night night, daddy."

It instantly adds two more (comfy) seats when we have company.  Plus I can hide away the kids' toys.  And, as I figured out the night we got it, I can also easily move it to the dining room table to accommodate more people there as well.

With its current placement, we can't have the little lamp that we had there prior to painting, but I think that's okay.  (More about how we arranged our lighting with the slight change to the room configuration in a later post).  I thought about switching the bench to the other side of the fireplace.  But then again, I was hoping to put the little antique desk in that space.  Then I thought maybe I'd put it in the empty corner, but I remembered that my Joss & Main chair is going there!  (Yay!!)  I also thought (and tried) to move it to the wall next to the bookcase.  But as Patrick pointed out, "You know you just gave her [Avelynn] a built in ladder and invitation to climb that bookcase, right?"  So back to this spot it went.  And I like it there.

I am not storing anything in it just yet.  Still need to figure out the perfect thing to use it for.  I'm really happy with this purchase.  Super happy.

Do you have a storage bench in your house?  What do you store in it?  Leave your suggestions in the comments!


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