Toy storage in the Living Room

My aunt is a great shopper.  She's not a crazy shopper, she's a great shopper.  She has her own unique style and always finds things that fit it just right.  Her trick is being very patient.  She's gotten some great craigslist finds that way, including a like-new leather couch.

She also gets great things on sites like Gilt, Haute, MyHabit, etc.  She bought this bench from My Habit:

Skyline Storage Bench in Maize Canary*, $139 on MyHabit

I've been looking for something that the kids can store their toys in that can look like an adult piece, and that can serve some real function as well.  This is totally it!  I'm not going to get the exact one she got, but it has opened my eyes to what it was I was looking for.

Here are some other options:

Skyline Storage bench in Smokey Quartz Linen*, $159 at My Habit

Sole Designs Brooke Tufted Diamond Loft Storage Bench in Magnolia*, $196 at My Habit

Skyline Storage Bench, $219 at Wayfair
I'm not totally sure where I'll put it, but I know it would be in the living room.  Maybe on one side of the fireplace, or maybe next to the bookcases.  Maybe in the opposite corner of the room, near the light.  I just know I want it.

Here's my absolute favorite:

Skyline Furniture Modern Velvet Upholstered Storage Bench, Caribbean* $168 on Amazon


*Indicates an affiliate/referral link.  If you click through this link and purchase the item, then I get a referral credit.  I always also provide the website and the detailed information so that, if you don't want to click through the link, you can search and find the product easily.  

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