Updated Living Room (a work in progress)

My chair from Joss & Main arrived!  It's totally beautiful.  I love it.  I realized as I was gushing to Patrick about this chair that it's the first piece of real furniture I've purchased.  I mean, non-IKEA furniture.  IKEA furniture counts, but somehow it feels different.

It's lovely and it's comfortable and it totally helps tie our room together better.  It doesn't finish the room, but it helps tie it together.

Here are the "kind of before" pictures again (also can be seen here):

It's been quite the busy week for our living room: new curtain rod (DIY), curtains (Target), storage bench (Amazon) and chair (Joss & Main).  And those new additions prompted some light furniture rearranging.  I spent probably an hour the other night just looking around the freshly cleaned and rearranged room, really happy with the progress:

I wish I had taken a picture before we even painted.  Oh well.  Just trust me that it looks so so much better now.  Like a real family really lives here.  Not only that, but we can now seat more than just four or five people in our living room.  I used to sit on the floor if we had more than a few people over, but with the new bench and the chair, that won't be happening again.

Of course, this isn't really "after" because there's quite a bit that still needs to happen.  So these are really "middle" pictures, but that's okay.  I still love it so much more.

New mini seating area/Chair in the corner

The small side table used to be protecting everyone from accidentally stepping through a floor vent.  That floor vent is now protected by the couch, so the side table moved to accompany the new chair.  I know it's not ideal (different colored wood, too close to the other piece), but it works for now.  The small light used to be on the right side of the fireplace.  This is the only light controlled by a wall switch.  The other two are manually turned on.  I'd still like to put some pictures near this chair on the window side wall.


I'll be posting more about the window covering, including the DIY curtain rod, in a later post.  The point is, it's easy and awesome and we'll probably do them for every single window in our house (11 windows).

Fireplace wall

The bench got added to the right side of the fireplace and the small side table/drawers to the left side.  I really want to put an antique desk from Patrick's grandmother on the left side, but he's feeling claustrophobic (more about that later), so I've promised no new or more furniture for a while.  I mean, a while could mean a couple weeks, a couple months.  That's okay.  I'm happy with this for now.  Though I do hope to paint that piece (the drawers) in the next couple weeks.  I think I'll paint it the same as the hutch.  You'll also notice that the mantle is clutter-free.  I had some other frames and pieces up there, but they now have a new home.  I'm still thinking about changing out all of the pictures in the frames to the same pictures as right now, but all black and white.  I also moved that table lamp to this new home.  It used to live next to the bookcase.

Seating Area

I moved the couch back toward the wall, but not totally against it.  I shifted everything a little more toward the television wall because Patrick enjoys sitting in the big chair and looking out to the backyard.  The newly added curtains kind of obstructed that view, so I moved the chair.  That meant I had to move the couch, too.  I like it.

I moved our floor lamp from next to the television.  It's now next to the bookcase.

TV wall

Nothing changed here.  I don't like this wall being so blank, but it's a marriage compromise, so I can live with it.

The kid space:
Still crowded because it has such important pieces as the Mickey couch and the Mama-Roo. 

Like I mentioned, this is not "done."  We still have quite a bit to do, like something better with that ugly fireplace surround, the crown molding, replacing the floors, a few more pieces of decor on the walls, new (or new to us) furniture that is more intentional, and some other minor changes.

But overall, this room looks so so much better and feels so much more welcoming.  I can't wait to have more people over so we can use all of our new seating!

I love it so far!  What do you think?  If this was your house, what would your next project in this room be?  Any suggested changes to the room configuration?  Let me know in the comments!


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