Whole 30 (but not really) - Day 3

We still haven't hit the wall of wanting to physically harm everything around us.  So far, this has been pretty handleable.  I had worse cravings today, but nothing terribly difficult.  I really want some Halloween candy and a coke Icee.

I will say that if I didn't have Patrick doing this with me, it would be quite a bit more difficult.  The fact that he's doing it (and doing so so well!) is really encouraging for me.

Now today's food!


Eggs, chicken apple sausage, bell peppers


Tuna salad (tuna, avocado, French's mustard, pickles, sliced olives, bell peppers, almonds) on romaine lettuce, grapes

Snacks (overdid the snacks today, so will have to work a bit harder tomorrow)

Banana, raspberries, grapes, almonds


Crock pot chuck roast with onions and carrots, grapes

The dinner wasn't that big of a hit.  It tasted good, but not great.  We won't be making it again.

Overall, I'm feeling a bit better than I felt before.  My skin inflammation on my shoulders has gotten a tiny bit better.  My skin seems nicer.  I haven't noticed any major spikes in energy, but those could be around the corner.  We'll see!


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