Whole30 (but not really) - Day 1

This blog is meant to be where I document various aspects of our lives: parenting our awesome kids, home-ifying (you know, making a house a home) our house, the balance between being a full-time work outside the home mom and being a Mom.  Basically, where I document what I'm doing to make my life the best it can be.

In that spirit, I decided to revisit the Paleo lifestyle.  I lived the Paleo lifestyle, or a version of it, over 5 years ago and felt great.  I had energy, my weight loss was seriously effortless, I felt great.  But then I fell back in to old patterns and habits, and I'm back to square one.  Well, square something, at least.  I also have since had two kids, and the pregnancies left some stuff behind.  (Very minimal stuff, though.  Most of it is not pregnancy related.  That's just a cop out for me, I guess.)  

We decided we would get back into the Paleo lifestyle, starting with a Whole30.   Go to the Whole30 website to get all of the details, but the main idea is a solid 30 days of eating cleanly, no grains, no rice.  Eat vegetables, high quality meats and some fruit.  No cheating, no slip-ups, no cheat days, no excuses.  For 30 days.

I know myself fairly well.  I would not be able to do this through Thanksgiving.  Or Christmas.  That's just setting myself up for failure.  But we want to do it.  So we decided we'd start our 30 days on January 2.  That gives us the best chance for success.

In November, Patrick will run a race in Disneyland.  We will also probably see some of our friends while we're down there.  I know that for me, the 30 days can't overlap with that trip, either.  I won't succeed.  So we're doing a Whole14 until then.  (There are varying opinions on a shortened Whole30.  I don't really care about the opinion that it shouldn't be done unless you're doing it full throttle.  I get it, but I don't care.  I'm doing it this way for now and will ultimately do a Whole30 later on.)

All of that to say that today was Day 1 for us.  It went well, and I feel pretty energized for the rest of these 2 weeks.  Here's what we ate and how it went:


Two eggs, scrambled with white onion, yellow bell pepper and Aidells Chicken Apple Sausage, black coffee.


Avocado tuna: 1 avocado, partially scooped out.  Use the scooped out avocado as the fat in your tuna salad, which is one can of tuna, the avocado, orange bell peppers, white onion, some salt and pepper and some black olive.  Prepare the tuna and scoop back into the remaining avocado.  Eat from the avocado.  Yummy.


Dry roasted almonds, black olives


A variation on the Balsamic Chicken recipe found here.  We used stewed tomatoes instead of diced and used Avocado oil instead of EVOO.  It turned out great, but it was a different dish.  We'll try it again as the real recipe.  Our toddler loved the chicken recipe.  (She'll be eating the same things we eat during this two weeks, as always, but we also will supplement her meals with grains as appropriate.  Though, in reality, she tends to eat the Paleo way on her own: eating just the chicken from her tacos and just the meat from her sandwiches!)

Roasted carrots and sweet potato.  This was a huge hit!

As far as the feelings of today: I wanted to cheat, and so did Patrick.  But we didn't cheat.  And you can only imagine how difficult this was with some Halloween candy staring at us.  (We had a few pieces of Halloween candy on the counter this morning, left over from last night.  We hid it away before the end of the day so we wouldn't be tempted.  Other than that, we followed the advice to rid the pantry of tempting foods.  We sent all of the yummy food from last night's party home with our guests.  :(  )

Even though I wanted to cheat, I didn't feel like I was depriving myself of anything today, really.  I mean, I would have normally eaten a TON of candy, and I didn't do that, so I was holding myself back.  But I didn't feel miserable and I didn't feel like it was deprivation.  It felt more like exerting control.  But apparently, according to the timeline, this feeling won't last.

No headaches.  No super strong cravings.  Overall, a good experience and good day today.

Oh!  We did take before pictures and we did weigh ourselves.  Considering that the pictures are in our underwear so that we can really see our bodies, those pictures won't be posted here.  And considering that 10 years in, I still haven't ever told Patrick my weight, that won't be posted here, either.  But for documenting purposes, I'll say I weigh X.  Then if I lose any, for example, 10 pounds, it will be X-10.  If I gain (what?!), it will be X+10.

Just so I don't get called out by the Whole30 community, I want to be sure to point out the following:
  • I'm not really doing the Whole30 since I'm not committing to 30 days.  I get it.
  • I also should be sleeping more.
  • I am reading It Starts with Food, which I purchased through Amazon.
Have you done a Whole30 yet?  Did you like it?  How'd you feel?  Any tips?  Please leave them in the comments!


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