House To Dos

Here's the list of things that we want to do to our house.  I know there are many more that I am just not thinking of at the moment, so I will add them as they come up.  As we complete tasks, I will strikethrough them and link to pictures of the completed project.  I'll also copy this list to the pictures of each room once those are posted.


  1. Paint walls
  2. Hang a key/mail (?) rack with a mirror
  3. Replace tile floors
  4. Crown molding
  1. Paint walls (white?)
  2. Paint cabinets
  3. Get new drawer pulls and cabinet knobs
  4. Re-do countertop grout until we can replace countertops
  5. Replace tile countertops with something else
  6. Add mosaic tile backsplash
  7. Replace old dishwasher
  8. Replace too small fridge
  9. Add a small built in eating area (?)
  10. Or additional countertop/storage
  11. Replace floors
  12. Install floating shelves in b;ank space until can remodel
  13. Add under cabinet lighting
  14. Get containers to better organize pantry space
  15. Replace window coverings
  16. Add a cafe window covering for privacy
  17. Add a family command center to blank wall next to fridge
  18. Wall file for mail and important papers
  19. Display Pyrex and Casserole dishes
  20. Add bookshelf for cookbooks
  21. Hanging fruit basket
  22. Crown molding
  23. Remodel/Overhaul
    1. Add a pull-out cabinet for trash and recycling
    2. Add more cabinet space
    3. Consider toaster and microwave space
    4. Would like to display pyrex
    5. Gas stove
  1. Re-do organization set up in laundry closet
  2. Add additional shelves until a full re-do can happen
  3. Figure out better use for the out of reach shelf/storage space
  4. Paint walls
  5. Hang pictures
  6. General redecoration - TBD
  7. Maybe a pull-out sofa bed?
  8. Replace floors
  9. Window coverings
  10. Crown molding
  11. Wall file for mail/important papers
  12. Add shelving
Dining Room
  1. Paint walls
  2. Paint hutch (read it here)
  3. New hardware for hutch (read it here)
  4. Move mirror to guest room
  5. Display plates and colored bowls
  6. Get actual dining chairs
  7. Bench for dining table
  8. Lower table height by 1 inch
  9. Pallet wall?
  10. Screen doors for french doors
  11. What to put on either side of hutch?  Chairs?  Cabinets? And floating corner shelves?
  12. Paint fan (until we can replace it)
  13. Replace fan
  14. Window coverings
  15. Add some art or framed photos (larger)
  16. Replace floors
  17. Then get a rug
  18. Crown molding
Living Room
  1. Paint walls
  2. Replace fireplace surround thing and mantle
  3. Fireplace repairs
  4. Get new furniture (couch/chairs) 
  5. Figure out what to do with wall behind TV (agreed to compromise with Patrick - nothing to be done to this wall -- yet.)
  6. Add some art!  (SF?)
  7. Window coverings
  8. Decorative pillows
  9. Plantation shutters?
  10. Get side tables
  11. Put P's family desk in this room and decorate it well
  12. Replace floors
  13. Then get a rug
  14. Crown molding
  1. Spray paint door fixtures dark/oil rubbed bronze
  2. Paint walls
  3. Hang pictures
  4. Get "Nest"
  5. Crown molding
  6. Replace flooring
Front Bathroom
  1. Paint walls
  2. Chalk paint vanity
  3. Chalk paint shelving unit
  4. Replace shelving unit (floating shelves?)
  5. Total remodel
  6. Replace flooring
  7. Crown molding
  8. Window coverings
  9. Paint door hardware
  10. Change towel racks to towel hooks
Guest Room
  1. Paint walls
  2. Add closet organizing system
  3. Window coverings
  4. Hang mirror over dresser
  5. Move dresser to opposite side?
  6. Find and hang artwork/pictures
  7. Paint door hardware
  8. Where to put the blue chair?
  9. Replace floor
  10. Crown molding
Kids Room (would ultimately love to swap this with guest room)
  1. Paint dresser
  2. Replace drawer pulls
  3. Add shelving to walls
  4. Hang pictures
  5. Frame Disney calendar pictures
  6. Arrange furniture
  7. Toy storage
  8. Closet organization system
  9. Window Covering
  10. Replace floor
  11. Crown molding
  12. Wallpaper?
  13. General design needed for this room!
Master Bedroom
  1. Paint walls
  2. Closet organizer
  3. Hang wedding pictures/gallery wall
  4. Window coverings
  5. Crown molding
  6. Replace floors
  7. Add nightstands (or floating shelves?)
  8. Change ceiling light
  9. Add ambient lighting
Master Bathroom
  1. Total remodel
  2. Replace floors
  3. Paint walls
  4. Paint vanity hardware
  5. Paint vanity
  6. Paint shelving unit
  7. Change towel bars to towel hooks
  8. Add make up storage in the small awkward space
  9. Crown molding
  10. Replace shelving unit with entire wall of nook-wide shelves
  1. Add plywood so we can use the space for storage
  2. Clean the crawl space entrance thing
Front Yard
  1. Design a drought resistant/tolerant front yard (and pull the grass)
  2. Utilize the front porch
  3. New mail box
  4. New house numbers
  5. Add fragrant flowers
  6. Pull dead plants
Back Yard
  1. Add play structure
  2. Pull out grapevines
  3. Add another patio
  4. Hammock!
  5. Plant at least one tree (need more shade)
  6. Plant more hydrangeas
  7. More drought tolerant plants
  8. General design ideas - come up with them
  9. Add more seating/benches
  10. Build picnic table with cooler in the middle
  11. Need lounger chairs
  12. Find a way to use beautiful fabric that blows in the wind
  1. Replace roof (!!)
  2. Replace sewage line (gross and important)
  3. Paint the house (really not urgent, so much more could be done before this)
  1. Add plywood to rafters for better/more storage

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