Our Home

We live in the San Francisco Bay Area in a ranch style home, built in 1955.  It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and around 1450 square feet.  We have a fairly large lot (for this area) at around 8,000 square feet.  Our garage is detached and in the backyard, which Patrick absolutely loves!  We still can't believe we were able to get this house in the condition it was in with the budget we had.  I'm sure someone (my brother) was looking out for me.

This is where I'll post pictures of the house as it is right now.  We've only made minor changes since we moved in.

Master Bedroom
These are the before pictures.  You can also read about these pictures in this post.

Master Bathroom
These are the pictures.  You can read about the bathroom here.

Living Room
Here are the pictures.  You can read more about this room here and here (and any other page with keyword Living Room).

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